My name is Vincent L. Scott. I am a trial attorney. I began my legal career with the Marion County Prosecutors office in May of 1990. I left the Prosecutor's Office in 1991 and began a career as a Criminal Defense attorney. During the 1990's I served as a part time public defender in the Marion County Drug Court, the Marion County Superior Criminal Courts and the Domestic Violence Court in Marion County Indiana. These positions afforded me the opportunity to defend individuals charged with almost every felony and misdemeanor offense of significance which are criminal offenses in the State of Indiana. I have experience with Narcotics defense, Homicide Defense, Drunk Driving Defense, Domestic Battery Defense, and Forgery/Fraud Defense to name just a few of the types of cases in which I am experienced. Today my practice has focused on assisting individuals who are charged with offenses relating to the operation of motor vehicles. I assist with traffic tickets, habitual traffic violators and every driving situation which falls within those two extremes. I have tried cases in federal, state, and local courts throughout the State of Indiana. My office is located in Marion County, but my efforts are to assist persons in all counties of the State of Indiana. If you need your license please contact me at 317.571.0810 or email to


If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated I can help you by providing a proper defense. It is important to insure that your rights were not impeded during the investigation, as we determine what evidence is valid and what evidence may be incomplete or inaccurate.
If you are charged with driving while you were declared a Habitual traffic violator I can help you with your defense . Did you know that you were suspended? Did you know you were declared a Habitual Traffic Offender?   These things affect your defense.
You will need to obtain a Special Condition License so that you avoid an arrest for felony-HTV.
Driving While Suspended: You may be stopped for driving suspended and it may be an infraction offense. This will not result in an arrest but if you pay the ticket without obtaining legal representation, the result may be an additional 90 day suspension of your license. If this is the second time or more when you are stopped for driving suspended, that is a misdemeanor charge and you could be incarcerated. If you get convicted of Misdemeanor Driving Suspended  the maximum jail term that you  could serve is one (1) year in the county jail. If you are suspended right now you need to seek legal representation that will restore your driving privileges asap. CALL 317.571.0810 today!